Hello World!

By , 30/06/2009 20:25
  1. #include <iostream>
  3. int main(int argc, char** argv)
  4. {
  5.         std::cout << "Hello world!" << std::endl;
  6. }

Wow, what a cliché for an IT enthusiast (aka Geek) to start a blog with.

I wasn’t actually trying to be clever or original but I was just trying out this Code Highlighting plugin for WordPress since it seems to fit into the greater scheme I have with this blog.

Unfortunately for all you kitten-loving people out there I will not be posting pictures of our cat here. Also, in contrary to what the title at the top of the page might suggest, I will not be venting great philosophical ideas in my mind here since I’m quite aware that possible future employers have embraced the 21st century and actually do research on people before they hire someone ;-).

Furthermore, I will not be your friend on Facebook, I will not post snippets from my boring life on Twitter nor will I take part in any of the future “social” – networking hypes that ingenious marketing guys come up with… Unless I design it and earn billions selling a community of millions of people to Google or Microsoft, that might get a mention.

Now that I’ve discouraged 98% of the current Internet population from ever reading this blog again I’ll tell you, the few left-behinds, what my aim for this blog is. The reason I installed it is because I’ve started to notice early signs of dementia when it comes to IT-related problems. I don’t have the medical condition of course but because of the fact that since two years I’m a member of the working class, which makes you appreciate your spare time, and the fact that I’m renovating a house, which makes you appreciate your spare time even more, I can’t and don’t want to spend that much time on tinkering with problems anymore.

This results in me forgetting stuff that I don’t use that often. Although my daytime-job is in computer programming, it is very specifically aimed at C++ and C# on Windows platforms so I don’t “train” my other skills there that much. Last time I noticed that I was solving problems that I had solved before but could not remember the solution I decided to do some braindumps so that if I come across the problem again I can more easily find the solution. In the spirit of open source and sharing I have decided to build this knowledge base online so that any one can freely access and use the information. This implies that any code that is produced here by me can also be freely used for personal and commercial ends. Although a thank you-note would be nice ;-).

You might find yourself asking, why not a wiki? It’s meant for building these kind of knowledge bases. The answer is simple really, a wiki is made for collaboration and I’m not interested in that. I like to sit in my ivory tower and point and laugh at those puny little humans. That’s a bit of dramatization but it captures the idea: I want to record and store my ideas, thoughts and actions, not those of someone else. If I think I have done something that deserves a bigger audience then this blog in my little corner of the universe I will post it in the appropriate channels like I have done in the past.

So which vast amounts of information will you be able to find on this blog? Anything that sparks my interest really…

  • Gentoo Linux related (my favourite OS): ebuilds I created, specific problems I encountered, …
  • Programming related: C, C++, C# (yeah, I know), PHP (yeah, yeah, quit it already), … Lately I have been having thoughts of trying Python for webdevelopment
  • OS related: device driver problems, quirks, …
  • Networking
  • Graphics design, film editing, …
  • Anything OSS-related

PS: it is quite possible that this is my first and last post or that the time between future posts is very large. Do not weep for me because I’m (probably) not dead, I just suffer from a lack of attention span. I set up this blog 2 or 3 weeks ago and now just finished my first post 😉

PPS: if you read until the end of this post: congratulations. You probably learned nothing substantial but don’t you feel fulfilled?

PPPS: Although I am from Belgium and my native language is Dutch I’ll keep this blog in English, please try and keep the comments in English too.

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