Windows mobile shutdown on phone call

By , 02/10/2009 18:28

I was having problems with my HTC P4350 (aka Herald) constantly shutting down both with incoming and outgoing calls and sometimes even at random while I hadn’t changed any settings at all. I played around with some stuff, clearing out unimporant things like old call logs, but I could not get it to stop misbehaving.

With no other options left I decided to try a hard reset after making a backup with a nifty tool called PIM Backup.

Restoring the data after the reset was a breeze although I was lucky that I copied the backup file of my storage card to my computer before the reset. Apparently I enabled the storage card encryption some time ago so I could not open the file that was on the storage card anymore (actual data on storage card was unharmed though, so it’s safe if it is not encrypted).

Update: This did not fix the issue. After a week seemingly having fixed the problem I discovered that nothing has changed but I am onto something new. The shutdowns only happen on a low battery (< 50%). During the first week after the “fix” it was attached to my PC quite a lot which explains why it seemed to work. The obvious thing to do is to buy a replacement battery but I’m not sure I’m willing to splash out the € 40 on a device that is due for replacement next year anyway with the added risk that it might not be the battery, but just the loading / measuring circuit that is acting up.

Update 2: Last weekend the battery finally caved in and died with a big hiss and lots of heat. Looking for a replacement battery I came across this topic which describes exactly the same behavior and states that T-Mobile users apparently had their batteries replaced for free. I am in contact with HTC about it but I have low hopes because my warranty is already long gone.

Update 3: Like I suspected I could net get a free new battery from HTC. I ordered a new one from to keep me going for now. It’s a cheaper reproduction, but it doesn’t have to last for years anymore.

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