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Where are my systray icons?

By , 21/08/2015 15:24

I started testing Enlightenment E19 a while back and while I like the lightweight environment, there are still some areas that could use a little TLC / better documentation. One of those is the system tray. I’m not going to elaborate on the technical and/or political details of why but it suffices to say that the Linux world is moving away from the old XEmbed standard towards libappindicator.

Here are some of the symptoms I was seeing:

  • Missing tray icons
  • Empty spaces where the icons are expected
  • Icons that were stretched across other icons

Granted, some of this is probably because of my choice of Gentoo as distribution but still this seems to be a dark area. There is a lot of wrong information to be found on Google and after a while you start feeling you went down the rabbit hole to never come out the other end. This information is probably also not restricted to Enlightenment but that’s just the environment I was working in.

First you need to unmask some packages:

dev-libs/libappindicator ~amd64
dev-libs/libdbusmenu ~amd64
dev-libs/sni-qt ~amd64
dev-libs/libdbusmenu-qt ~amd64

Next install the necessary packages:

emerge dev-libs/libappindicator dev-libs/libappindicator:2 dev-libs/sni-qt -av

Now you should have everything to make roughly 95% of all the Qt4, Qt5, GTK+2 and GTK+3 applications out there work.

The only thing that is left (if you are using E19) now is to disable XEmbed. First close all the applications that possibly are in the system tray, then right click it and select Settings where you can disable it. After that restart applications and (hopefully) marvel at the icon goodness.

There is an issue in the current stable release (0.19.8) of E19 where for example the Spotify icon is not shown because the system can’t find it. Instead you see a warning triangle with an exclamation mark. The issue is reported and will probably be fixed in the next release.

Related commit:

My overlay containing a patched ebuild:

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Cryptocoin Gentoo ebuilds

By , 13/01/2014 23:54

I was playing around a bit with cryptocoins but was missing quite some ebuilds. As most of them don’t diverge to far from the reference Bitcoin client it is however quite easy to set them up. Usually copying the ebuild is enough, sometimes some more adaptations are needed.

To make it easier for anyone I created an overlay on GitHub so you don’t have to redo my work:

I’m not going to describe how to add the overlay to your portage, there are guides enough for that. Don’t forget to unmask the packages.

At the moment there are ebuilds for following currencies:

FRC (Freicoin)
RPC (RonPaulCoin)
DOGE (dogecoin, such profit!)

If while you are testing out your shiny new client you want to donate to me for some basic copy/paste and editing work you can do so at:

FRC 12W1M5LRsCAmLWZfUhfkRzpqJfaLEzN7M5
RPC RJudw63kAs19agortQk45ks6nLXCdQZSVx
DOGE DJS6nuKu3n84zV86Qb7crFMcL8XzTc6kUv

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