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EdgeRouter, NetworkManager, resolv.conf and domain-search

By , 07/04/2017 23:07

I was having issues with NetworkManager not properly setting the search option in resolv.conf even though I specified it in my EdgeRouter config. After some digging I found out that actually the issue is with dhclient not parsing the domain-search option. Apparently it prefers the domain-name option for that, which of course you can’t configure through the standard DHCP server config of EdgeOS. There are reports they are adding the option in a future version but for now you can use this method:

  • In the config tree browse through ‘service / dhcp-server / shared-network-name / your-dhcp-name / subnet / w.x.y.z/ab
  • Add a subnet-parameter option domain-name "";


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Setting up Open vSwitch with ipsec_gre

By , 21/12/2015 01:45

Lately I have been playing a lot with Docker and one of the things I want to try out is the multi-host network and perhaps even swarm support. To be able to do that however you need to expose the Docker daemon on your host machine. That’s all fine and dandy when you are working on a private network but what happens if you want to do this with hosts on multiple locations separated by public links? Even though you can secure the Docker daemon with TLS I don’t feel comfortable having service ports out in the open like that so I want to set up my own private network.

While I have set up OpenVPN links for these kind of things in the past I would now like something more flexible (easy adding of nodes, mesh topology, STP, …) so I started looking at Open vSwitch but I could not find a complete guide. Especially the part on using certificates instead of the pre-shared keys is lacking so I pieced this procedure together from different sources.

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Exporting OS X Mail to a GMail account

By , 06/10/2015 02:17

I have a client that started using Google Apps but had a huge history of emails in the Mail app on OS X which they wanted to have imported into GMail. While the Outlook mailboxes worked without a problem using the program provided by Google, for Mac this doesn’t seem to be maintained any more. The information on the web on this subject is also rather scarce so this is how I did it using some scripting, Dovecot and imapsync.

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Separate volume channels

By , 25/01/2015 20:44

I was having issues with the volume keys on my Linux desktop when using applications like Spotify and Kodi. I found out that this is because the channel that is created by PulseAudio by default is linked to the master channel resulting in all kind of weirdness when adjusting the volume. This can be fixed by disabling the flat-volumes option in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf

  1. flat-volumes = no

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Corrupt SD card recovery

By , 05/06/2014 19:16

Foremost is an excellent tool for this!

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Exim + GreyListing

By , 04/06/2013 21:00

I recently followed this excellent guide to implement GreyListing on my server. The hardest part was to get sqlite3 support activated in Exim. Since the software is managed through DirectAdmin you have to enable this in the custombuild Makefile.

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Load firmware on network boot

By , 07/04/2013 20:17

Have a look here if you have problems with slow network boot because the firmware is not available.

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Putty vs UTF-8 & Num-Lock

By , 23/03/2013 09:27

Whenever I used mc or another ncurses-based program on my Gentoo the output would show strange characters instead of the proper line drawing. Also, the numbers on the numpad didn’t work inside for example nano. The fix is in your default putty settings:

  • Window → Translation → Received data assumed to be in which character set: UTF-8
  • Window → Translation → Handling of line drawing characters: Use Unicode line drawing code points
  • Connection → Data → Terminal-type string: putty

I got this solution from here.

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Windows 7 GPO logon scripts

By , 24/02/2013 22:19

I had trouble with a logon script not working in a Windows 7 GPO object. The solution is described in this thread over at Microsoft forums. I list it here again for easy reference

EnableLinkedConnections = 1 (DWord)

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Log analyzing behind reverse proxy

By , 14/07/2011 23:59

Plesk has AWStats built-in but since I use a reverse proxy on my server to redirect certain sites to separate virtual containers, the log files always showed the internal IP of my reverse proxy. mod_rpaf solved this issue. It looks for the X-Forwarded-For header added by the proxy and puts it back as the original IP.

Another solution would be to change the LogFormat of the plesklog lines to incorporate the header but experience in the past has learned me to leave Plesk alone for as much as possible.

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