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My Raspberry Pi setup

By , 30/08/2013 22:24

I have had a Raspberry Pi lying around for ages now and finally found some time to play with it. After quite some research I decided to first set up a basic system that I can easily use to start from when I think of a new usage for a Pi. Since I like keeping “full control” over everything I do it would mean setting everything up from scratch without relying too much on existing pre-built images. The only image I tried was (the excellent) Raspbmc to verify quickly that XBMC would run smooth enough to pass the WAT (Wife Acceptancy Test).

The system I had in mind when starting should provide the following:

  • Remote boot using NFS as root fs (thus enabling the usage of cheap, small SD cards)
  • Easily create a full SD card when stand-alone device is required
  • Gentoo based (yes, I do love that distro for its simplicity)
  • Distcc enabled for faster compilations (I don’t love Gentoo enough to let a Raspberry compile everything on its own)

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