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Fixing an exported .ics file that can’t be imported in Google Calendar

By , 23/10/2017 17:36

I sometimes receive an .ics file with multiple events that I want to import into Google Calendar but I can’t because it is malformed. I think it is exported by Microsoft Outlook but I’m not sure. The problem is that in this file the events don’t have unique UIDs, they all are the same. Google recognizes this as being one event instead of multiple so you only get the first one in your calendar.

I fix these files very easily in VIM using Python to generate unique identifiers thanks to an answer I found on Stack Overflow:

:py import uuid

Try the import again and it should work!

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Separate volume channels

By , 25/01/2015 20:44

I was having issues with the volume keys on my Linux desktop when using applications like Spotify and Kodi. I found out that this is because the channel that is created by PulseAudio by default is linked to the master channel resulting in all kind of weirdness when adjusting the volume. This can be fixed by disabling the flat-volumes option in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf

  1. flat-volumes = no

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Batch convert FLAC to MP3

By , 08/11/2013 16:15

My complete audio CD collection is ripped in FLAC format on my server. Because I also want to play the songs on MP3 players I was looking for a way to easily convert them all at the same time. This would be very easy with some easy scripting but why invent warm water again? I found this great Python script that does it for you called flac2all. It ignores files that have been converted already so I can just run it again after I ripped a new CD.

1000 interwebs to you Ziva Vatra (if that is your name).

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NFS as root filesystem

By , 23/03/2013 23:21

If you have a NFS 4 server you need to specify that you want to use version 3 for the root system in your boot parameters.

KERNEL path/to/kernel
APPEND ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=:/path/to/root,nfsvers=3 init=/linuxrc

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