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IE ignoring hosts file

By , 18/08/2013 11:13

I switched from developing on a server to running development on my local computer as a part of my effort to better document and package the websites and their dependencies that I maintain. Therefor it also doesn’t make sense to maintain the DNS entries in my local server but instead I use the excellent Firefox add-on HostAdmin Host Editor.

I noticed however that IE was ignoring these entries in the hosts file for some reason. After some googling I stumbled into this blog post describing the solution which is to disable the “Automatically detect settings” check box in the IE options.

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Windows 7 GPO logon scripts

By , 24/02/2013 22:19

I had trouble with a logon script not working in a Windows 7 GPO object. The solution is described in this thread over at Microsoft forums. I list it here again for easy reference

EnableLinkedConnections = 1 (DWord)

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