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Wing-Linux startup problems

By , 06/10/2009 22:05

I was playing around with Wing-Linux (Android) on my P4350 (Herald) but I couldn’t get it to go past the initrd. I didn’t really look into it further due to lack of time but the Windows Mobile problems I described in my previous post also gave me an inkling of why I couldn’t boot it: the fact that I had enabled encryption on the SD card made it impossible for the initrd to mount the root image and start Android since once you are in the initrd Windows Mobile and the automatic decryption is gone.

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Windows mobile shutdown on phone call

By , 02/10/2009 18:28

I was having problems with my HTC P4350 (aka Herald) constantly shutting down both with incoming and outgoing calls and sometimes even at random while I hadn’t changed any settings at all. I played around with some stuff, clearing out unimporant things like old call logs, but I could not get it to stop misbehaving.

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